Dear spectators!

We are sorry to inform you that XIX season of Dance Open festival cannot take place in April. But there are also good news:

Firstly, Dance Open is not cancelled, but postponed to a later date.

Secondly, we refund the full ticket cost and concurrently prepare new (autumn) playbill. When we develop the new playbill, we will start the sales again. Please follow our news!

Refund policy

1. For obvious reasons we refund costs of tickets purchased only on our OFFICIAL WEBSITE WWW.DANCEOPEN.COM. If you have a ticket purchased another way — please address all your questions to this seller.

2. The cost of the tickets mentioned above will be FULLY REFUNDED. Thus, the festival takes responsibility for covering all bank transfers.

Refund policy

      Please present following documents to refund your ticket:
      • Paper ticket. Please note that we accept only tickets given to you personally. Copies or photos will not be accepted;
      • ID card;
      • The receipt given after buying the paper ticket;
      • Filled application form. We advise to download the form here and fill it at home. But if it’s not possible, you can fill this form in our box office.

      With respect to the order of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin №206, Dance Open box office will not be able to work from the 30th of March till the 3rd of April.


Refund policy
    1. E-TICKETS purchased online on the official festival website will be automatically cancelled. The refund will be made on the same card that was used for the ticket purchase. You don’t need to come to our box office or fill in the application form. The refund will be made within 30 WORKING DAYS (MAXIMUM). The refunding period usually depends on speed of bank operations. If the refund wasn’t provided within the indicated time period, please contact your bank firstly.

And now...

...We have one special request for you

      We understand that Dance Open festival has a very large audience — and we are very proud of it! We understand that everyone has strong concerns about purchased tickets. But nevertheless, we kindly ask you to refrain from letters and calls to our office. The reason is obvious: the longer we will answer all letters and calls, than longer we will refund tickets. And we would like to finish it as soon as possible and start to prepare our autumn season.

      Please take a bit patience and consider all this (absolutely unique) situation.

      Take care of yourself!

      Sincerely yours,
      Dance Open festival

      P.S. See you on Dance Open! For sure!

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