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St. Petersburg International Ballet Award
Dance Open

St. Petersburg International Ballet Award Dance Open is created to celebrate the highest personal achievements of ballet soloists each year – the connection of virtuoso technique and artistry, regardless of styles, genres and trends of performances.

The most essential and key principals of the Award and the Jury are objectivity, impartiality and uncompromising attitude. Only fair and competent evaluation could give powerful impulse to creative growth. That is why every year new people are invited to be the members of the Jury. The Jury always consists of the most influential people of ballet world — choreographers, heads of the major ballet companies and schools, ballet legends.

Nominees are world ballet stars at the top of their careers, therefore the competition between the stars is always so exciting and breathtaking: it does not matter who wins, because the audience receives the most valuable present -an opportunity to see unforgettable show full of wonderful choreography.

Organizing Committee of the St. Petersburg International Ballet Award Dance Open annually suggests nominees who participate in the Dance Open Gala of Ballet Stars. The International Jury secretly decides which awards ballet dancers would get. And the audience has a chance to take part in the process of voting — dropping their tickets into special ballot boxes after the end of the Gala. People’s choice Award is always one of the most intriguing nominations.

All the winners are awarded with a unique prize — a crystal replica of the bronze cast of the great ballerina Anna Pavlova’s foot, which was created in 1913 by the sculptor B.O. Fredman-Klyuzel. The prototype of the Award is kept at the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music. The DANCE OPEN is proud of the fact that artists from different countries of the world have the crystal statuettes. Moreoverm, it has already become a desired and well-known symbol of ballet art of the highest level.