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Eric Underwood

Soloist of the Royal Ballet Covent Garden

Born in Washington D. C. Trained at the School of American Ballet, New York, where he was awarded the Philip Morris Foundation Scholarship. He joined the Dance Theater of Harlem in 2000, promoted to Soloist, 2001, and then joined ABT in 2003. His repertoire included Von Rothbart, High Brahmin, Officer (Cinderella), Gaoler and Gentleman (Manon), Apollo (Sylvia) and roles in The Four Temperaments, Agon, Work Within Work and In the Upper Room. He joined The Royal Ballet in 2006; his repertoire includes Mrs Pettitoes, Gaoler (Manon), Consort to the Queen of Fire (Homage to The Queen), Zebra («Still Life» at the Penguin Café) and Tryst. He created roles in Chroma, Infra, Acis and Galatea (Royal Opera), DGV: Danse à grande vitesse, Electric Counterpoint, Seven Deadly Sins, Live Fire Exercise, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Aeternum.