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Edward Clug 

Dance Open 2018: Hill Harper's Dream, Ballet of Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Dance Open 2016: Peer Gynt, Ballet of Slovene National Theatre Maribor

Dance Open 2013: Sacre du primtemps, Ballet of Slovene National Theatre Maribor


Edward Clug is concerned with relationship of a man with the past, with time itself, in his work he uses individual experience of each dancer. Clug works, mainly, in direction of the research of human body and its possibilities. 

Ballet Journal

I'm sure that the core of art keeps unchanged, that audience come and ever come to ballet for the sake of high mastery and strong ideas which make the found of each proper production.

Edward Clug


He received his ballet training at the National Ballet School in Cluj-Napoca, graduating in 1991. That year he joined the Slovene National Theater (SNG) in Maribor as a Principal Dancer while also performing with Zagreb Ballet as a guest artist. He was appointed Artistic Director of Slovene National Theater in Maribor in 2003. 

His first full evening ballet, Tango, premiered at SNG in 1998. He then went on to create Bachelorette for SNG in Ljubljana and Solo for two Chairs for the Ochi Ballet in Nagoya. His choreography often has an abstract and minimalistic nature, showing a deep research in dance language. Clug also uses classical plots for absolutely nonstandard interpretations – including unexpected choice of music. (for example his Radio & Juliet, choreographed in 2005 for SNG in Maribor, with the music by Radiohead, that has been widely toured on the international festival circle). He often creates absolutely original productions.   

In 2006, he created Architecture of Silence, a production using the Slovene National Theaters in Maribor and Ljubljana, two choirs and two orchestras. In 2007, he choreographed Sacre du temps for Station Zuid in Holland. Other works followed: Pret-a-porter at the SNG Maribor (2008); 4 reasons for the National Ballet of Portugal (2009); Pocket Concerto for Stuttgart Ballet (2009).

He received international awards for his choreography at dance competitions and festivals in Varna, Moscow, Hannover, Nagoya, Belgrade and Sarajevo and was nominated for the Golden Mask award in Moscow 2010. In 2014 international dance magazine Tanz acknowledged him as future’s hope in the field of choreography. He received the highest Slovene prizes in culture for his work, the Award of the Prešern Foundation in 2005 and the Glazer Charter in 2008.

During the XII International ballet festival Dance Open (2013) his ballet The Rite of Spring to the music of Igor Stravinsky performed by Slovene National Theatre Maribor was presented. Besides he was one of the International jury of the IV Dance Open Award.

Edward Clug says:

When I started, I did not have a background in choreography and I had some fears. And now, after many years of work, when embarking on a new project it is much more difficult for me to release the wealth of knowledge that I have gathered and feel free and open-minded, as when I was young. Here lies the paradox of my profession.

The experience of working with other companies lets me stay free and unbiased.

The work of choreographer is very versatile – you are the dancer, the director, the manager…

The talent is a great responsibility, especially, towards yourself. You really have to have it before you can start developing it. You need to sharpen it. One can’t rely on a talent only, but this is what makes out the most difficult task in our lives. However, to tell you the truth, it is even more important to make everything on time.

The meaning of the concept of “an ideal ballet dancer” changes a lot. There are no more strict rules. All depends on a particular dancer, on how he and his body could widen the existing perceptions about ballet.

For me the applauses are always something unreal. This is fantastic, you can share your ideas and your vision with the people and they react on it! This is the blessing.

When there are two persons on stage, this is already a history.