Marco Goecke

Dance Open 2017: Thin skin, Nederlands Dans Theater 1 (NDT 1)

Dance Open 2015: Äffi (Back to Bach), Dutch National Ballet


Dancing his choreographies is like learning Chinese. With Marco you’re constantly pushing up against your own boundaries. You’reforcedtoextremes.

Rein Putkamer, Scapino Ballet


The German choreographer Marco Goecke is viewed both in his native country and in the Netherlands as one of the greatest choreographic discoveries of the (admittedly very fresh) 21st century. What’s striking about his work is notable is its completely individual atmosphere: mysterious, magical, often sinister and sometimes absurdist as well. His movement vocabulary is unique as well: for a long time Goecke put the focus on movements of the torso, the arms and hands, with nervous twisting, fluttering, waving and trembling motions. Goecke’s idiom is very quirky and innovative – quite often the dancers even just lay on their backs and, due to the low light, their legs were mostly wrapped in darkness.

In less than ten years of work as a house choreographer of the Stuttgart ballet and of Scapino Ballet he has made 45 productions, often performed by both companies. In addition he has created work for such companies as the Hamburg Ballet, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Leipzig Ballet, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, the Norwegian National Ballet and the Gauthier Dance Company in Stuttgart.

His best-known choreographies include Der Rest ist Schweigen, Äffi, Beautiful Freak, his full-length, ballet-noir version of The Nutcracker, Supernova and Songs for Drella. Many of Goecke’s creations are voted “Best production of the year”.

His work Äffi will be presented during the 14th international ballet festival Dance Open in programme Back to Bach performed by the Dutch National Ballet.

Goeke has been the house choreographer of NDT since 2013. The ballet company is very proud of this cooperation and it hopes that it will continue in the future.