Gala Russe: Les Etoiles des Ballets Russes


Date: September 12-13, 2015
Venue: Grimaldi Forum Monaco, Monaco

GALA RUSSE is reviving traditions of Dyaghilev's seasons and, as it was a hundred years ago, brings the spirit of Russian culture, supporting it's worldwide fame. Today it is exceptionally important: year 2015 is a Year of Russia in Monaco, and events like this are illustrating chef d'oeuvres of Russian culture in the best way possible.

From one year to another we are trying impress our guests: we select only brightest stars and renowned choreography. This year's set of ballet stars was destined to impress: artists from the Bolshoi theatre - Kristina KretovaAnastasia Stashkevich, Olga Smirnova, Anna Tikhomirova, Semyon Chudin, Mikhail Lobukhin and Artem Ovcharenko, as well as Irina Perren, Sabina Yapparova, Marat Shemiunov and Philipp Stepin, representing Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky Theatre, People's Artist of Russia Irma Nioradze. Yolanda Correa and Osiel Gouneo, current soloists of the Norwegian National ballet fit in logically: classical ballet appreared in Havana almost a hundred years ago with help of Russian immigrants, so Cuban ballet school rightfully succeed to Russian…

The programme included never fading chef-d'oeuvres of the world's classics, from Bournonville to Petipa. Those who preferred contemporary ballet appreciated pieces by MacGregor, Maillot and Duato. The audience was impressed by the profound choreographic piece The Very Thought of You by Radu Poklitaru – elegant couple from Bolshoi theatre accompanied by Mariinsky bass Pavel Shmulevich. Expressive plastique piece by Morihiro Iwata It's All Wrong on a renowned song by Vladimir Vysotsky touched the feelings of the audience. Diverse programme of the Gala was highlighted with the Last Tango  by Vyacheslav Gordeev...

We hope that our Gala concerts became a memorable event in history of Russian Seasons.