Since 2007 the International Ballet Festival DANCE OPEN arranges Gala performances under its brand in Russian cities and abroad. Since then, the DANCE OPEN Galas were held in more than 20 countries – and the number of locations has been constantly growing. Long standing ovations and excited press reviews are usual companions of the performances. We believe that the secret of success lays in the main principle of the Festival – its perfectionism.


  • cut of all the best that ballet has today,
  • always a high level of performance,
  • carefully chosen dancers at the peaks of their careers,
  • dynamic program, combining classical and contemporary choreographies,
  • the most up-to-date technical equipment of the performances,
  • elegant lighting and visual design,
  • powerful energy,
  • ocean of emotions,
  • and, finally, endless artistic fantasy and true love of the organizers to their project.

This explains why DANCE OPEN Galas have a genuine success in any country in the world.

history of Galas:

2017: Manama (Bahrain), Monaco (Monaco)

2015: Monaco (Monaco)

2014: Sochi (Russia), Savonlinna (Finland)

2013: Slovakia, Savonlinna (Finland), Brasil, VenezuelaLithuania

2012: Bahrein, India, Monaco, Venezuela, Finland

2011: Spain, Finland, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Sochi (Russia)

2010: Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Respublica Serpska

2009: Lithuania, Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

2008: India

2007: Turkey