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Рассылка новостей фестиваля DANCE OPEN

Young Stars Gala

April 16, 2018, 19:00

Hermitage Theater



Dance Open Master classes have extraordinary reputation among the young dancers from all over the word. Young candidates don’t scare long distance flights, language difficulties and famous teachers’ magnitude on their way to legendary rehearsal rooms of St. Petersburg. These classrooms blessed by a special atmosphere still keep the vibes of energy and faith of those who were dancing here for decades and mastered their skills to perfection. The air itself seems exceptional here — it is like a magnetic substance essential for the development of new talents.

Each year Dance Open festival enchants boys and girls with a wonderful opportunity to explore the secrets of the legendary Russian Ballet school and to adopt its refined style. This gives all of them a real chance to get closer to their dream. «Oh, yes, and their dream is a world fame», a reader would think and… would be wrong. If these young «swans» grate their feet, it is not in a desperate wish to get famous. Like a writer cannot stop his pen from writing, or a musician cannot stop hearing the music in his head, these little ballet-stars-of-the-future cannot breathe without en dedans and jetés.

Dance Open Young Stars Gala presents young dancers from all around the world, introduces new names and takes a look into the future. The new season of creative discoveries is coming very soon, the Gala will take place on April 16 at the Hermitage Theater.


Entrance by invitations only