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Master Classes: Coaches

65 years ago Mrs. Tatiana Vecheslova became a leader of the Leningrad Ballet School (now the Academy of Russian Ballet). As a brilliant ballet dancer and a legend of the world stage, she embodied the continuity of the Russian Ballet School. On the way from the ballet classes with Agrippina Vaganova and 25 years of dancing at the Kirov (Mariinsky) Theater to the teaching career at the Vaganova Academy she was maintaining all the perfection and distinctness of the Russian ballet tradition to pass it to the next generations of ballet dancers by making them legends. Irina Kolpakova, Alla Osipenko, Natalia Makarova, Mikhail Baryshnikov and others.

«Teaching is a high calling," Tatiana Vecheslova wrote. «A desire, even a passionate one, is not enough to get this path. Just as the career of an actor, a poet or an artist is determined by the degree of talent, tutor’s journey is also predicted by the aptitude, knowledge of the subject, and the experience acquired. Moreover, teacher is responsible for the dancers he brings up, therefore, he is responsible for the future of the theater».

Each of the Dance Open tutors has an undeniable right to teach students. Each of them once in the childhood decided to devote the whole life to choreography, each went through the etudes among the best ones. Each has a successful dancing career. And at some point, as it happened to Agrippina Vaganova, Tatyana Vecheslova and other legendary tutors, they found a new passion — teaching. The ability to dance yourself is not enough. It is much more challenging to inspire the others. Those young, belonging to another generation. Sometimes stubborn and obstinate, and sometimes tiny and tremulant. To discover the grains of talent in them. Not to destroy their dreams with excessive severity, while not ruining it with connivance. To teach the basics of the School, without suppressing the individuality. To show the students the way to the big stage, and to stay behind the scenes, dissolving in the success of the young ones, who one day will pass this knowledge to future generations.


Coaches 2018

Dance Open is proud to collaborate with the best dance teachers.

Master Classes Dance Open-2018 will take place from 13 to 17 April, 2018.

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