The glare of spotlights, standing ovations, flowers and admiration... Grand as that may be, professional dancers know that behind the faultless grace of performance lie exhausting hours of training in rehearsal rooms. The road to perfection is always paved with pain, fatigue and disappointment. Only the most steadfast can keep their spirits up and continue to strive for their dreams. Sometimes the temptation to give everything up gets overwhelming. But some mysterious power forces them to keep going. To keep on striving for perfection. Day by day. Step by step.

The power of habit is a great thing. It builds a solid foundation. That’s why it’s important to learn from the best teachers, especially at the beginning: to watch them, to copy them, to try to adopt their skills. Again and again, you have to find yourself, to believe in the future, and to cherish your personal progress.

Dance Open master classes aim to set remarkably high standards that young dancers can then strive for years to achieve. That’s why Dance Open tutors are unique, one-of-a-kind, the best in the field. They embody their profession and their art. They have perfect skills themselves, but are also able to discover and nourish talent in their students. Young dancers then just need to summon all their will and keep working. For the sake of the ballet. Day by day. Step by step.


One of the distinctive features of the Dance Open is its educational programme. For over 10 years the Festival has been giving young dancers a unique chance to participate in master classes held by the leading teachers from the Vaganova Academy and then perform at the Gala and show their skills and abilities. At this Gala ballet professionals and admirers can figure out who of those “small birds” would grow up into “swans” and who of them would be a reason for the world theatres to fight for.

Anna Gordeeva, Novoe vremya




Young Stars Gala