Hans van Manen, jury chairman of the VI Dance Open Award

«Hans van Manen has been called the Mondrian of ballet, the Versace of ballet, the Pinter of ballet and the Antonioni of ballet. (His) distinctive  personal style mixes formal austerity and glassy elegance with erotic charge» 

The Guardian 

He is one of the few choreographers who has managed to popularize contemporary dance as a mixture of classical ballet and modern dance. Being an author of over 120 ballets performed worldwide, van Manen is deservedly considered one of the most established choreographers of contemporary ballet. His personal style is always recognizable. Typical for his works clarity of lines and simplicity of composition are born from the chosen musical material, but the choice itself is, as a rule, rather eclectic. Despite all the emotional richness, the characters of his ballets are never sentimental. The core thing is that he spellbinds the audience with an exceptional, utterly polished beauty of movement.

As a choreographer, you’re actually always stark naked... I start with nothing. The dancers stand waiting for you. You stand waiting for yourself

I’m a total Calvinist. Everything I think is superfluous has to be chucked out

I'm very bad at telling stories, and that's the reason why I never make full-length ballets. I prefer to make it very short and be as precise as possible

And the deeper ideas? Oh, I just leave them to the audience. They’re intelligent enough to find their own interpretation of what they’re offered visually. I never mean more than what you actually see

You get those people who think they shouldn’t be influenced, and they should just be themselves. I’d like to know what that is — "being yourself"

Without repertoire, there is no tradition. And without tradition, there is no connection with all that has been done prior to the present. Tradition is not something of the past. Tradition is what we do with the past today. The future is about discovering the good things of the past and building on them

The thing that’s extremely important — to humanity, I could almost say — is curiosity. But I mean true curiosity. Not the curiosity about what’s happening to the woman next door

I am absolutely going to go on. I couldn’t do otherwise. I couldn’t imagine any reason not to go on. Yes — count yourself lucky

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find music. Many beautiful pieces have been written to which you can make a nice little dance. But what I’m looking for is compositions where the drama is concealed within them already, as it were

I look at art like I look at someone I’m in love with. I don’t question it... I just believe it. But if I don’t like something, then I think all sorts. The things I see then!


«Each of his pieces reveals our own passions and delusions, pride and solitude, our loud laughter and bitter tears»

Wiebke Huster, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung