DANCE OPEN master-classes 2015

in frames of the ХIV DANCE OPEN International Ballet Festival


Series of master-classes was held in the L. Jacobson Ballet theatre from April 23-27. Best ballet coaches and artists traditionally trained young dancers. This unique educational program gives new opportunities to more than 80 ballet students from all over the world annually. This year the coaches were: Gennady Selutsky, Irma Nioradze, Sofia Gumerova, Tatiana Linnik, Igor Petrov и Elvira Tarasova. Students were divided into three groups: beginners, intermediate and advanced

Gala of the Young Stars DANCE OPEN was held at the theatre "Na Liteinom". Danvcers from 10 to 18 years old were performing their pieces.

We thank all the participants for performing at the concert and for their bravery!