XV DANCE OPEN International Ballet Festival
April 25, 2016, 19:00. Alexandrinsky Theatre, 12+


By tradition, we keep programme and names of the DANCE OPEN Gala participants secret to the last moment. And there are many reasons for that – from trivial desire to keep the most interresting mystery of the Festival to hobgoblin terror to frighten the luck away with early assuarances of world ballet star participation. Ballet is very traumatic and artists are always at-risk..

Seriously though, the reason is in notorious perfectionism. We think that scrupulous selection of pieces and artists for the main event of the Festival – final Gala, is the most important in our work. That is why we are not in a hurry to draw the line and enlist our final choices. What if in those months left before the Festival a new bright ballet star will appear? Or if someone already famous suddenly uncover his unknown side? Or if a new choreographic chef d'ouvre, which can change common perceptions and shake the genre to foundations? So no, we can npt afford to miss it all by closing festival doors too early. The dance, as it comes from the festival's name, is open, and we are open to the talent search as well.

Gala programme formatting is very passionate, like searching for treasures or hunt. And also it is similar to the mosaicist art. Indeed, each piece of the programme must not only be interresting on its own, but also be in harmony, befriend other pieces, make them complete and empasize rich colors. But it's already secrets of director's inner workings. We think that only with systematic, scrutinous and persistent work it is possible to create a wide, full-size picture which can display, even though without encyclopedic universalism, full spectre of the highest contemporary ballet achievments.

There is only one thing that is known for certain and which we already can and definetely must tell you because it might become a  sufficient reason to encircle April 25, 2016 in your ballet callendar with red: Manuel Legris, legend of the ballet world, "Best dancer of the World" will dance on the DANCE OPEN Gala. Great artist, who finished his performing career and now is a director of the Vienna State Ballet, agreed to dance on the stage in honour of the Anniversary Season of the Festival and to present DANCE OPEN audience with his art!