dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of Sergei Prokofiev

Romeo and Juliet

Ballet in three acts, thirteen scenes
Libretto by Sergei Prokofiev and Sergei Radlov, based on Shakespeare’s tragedy. Choreography by Kenneth MacMillan

XV DANCE OPEN International Ballet Festival
April 18 and 19, 2016, 19:00. Alexandrinsky Theatre, 12+


Kenneth thought the Prokofiev score was one of the very best ballet scores ever written

Lady Deborah MacMillan, widow of Kenneth MacMillan

MacMillan’s particular feature is the abundance of dance. Compared to all other versions of Romeo and Juliet that were staged in our country from the times of the Soviet Union this one is the most difficult

The costumes in the performance are truly amazing, not only thanks to the impressive quality of the fabrics and designer solutions, but also because of the adherence to the Renaissance traditions

Romeo and Juliet, the most famous lovers on the planet, live and die on stage, in music, in cinema for more than 400 years. They are immortal, just like love and like hatred that lied between their families are.

No one counted the number of versions of this story, there must be more than dozens of hundreds of them with more than a hundred in choreography only.

Then why have we decided to include the Romeo and Juliet in our Anniversary Season in which we aim to surprise?

Because in the year of 125th anniversary of Sergei Prokofiev our festival programme will not be full without his mystical music.

Because Kenneth MacMillan is the legend of the world ballet, but it is almost impossible to see his choreography in Russia for various reasons.

Because by adding to the marvelous Perm Ballet and magnificent Renaissance costumes created by the Italian designers brilliant dancers from Royal Ballet and Dutch National we are creating a unique version of Macmillan iconic ballet.

And, finally, we believe in love. We believe in that it has the power over absolutely everything in this life and even death means not an end of love but its transition to another dimension…

The Perm Ballet Company produced a Romeo and Juliet that fizzed and crackled with energy

 Romeo and Juliet by Kenneth Macmillan  

 Interview with Lady Deborah Macmillan 

 Prokofiev and ballet. Love story for life 

 Sergei Prokofiev 


Choreography: Kenneth MacMillan
Performed by:
Juliet – Sarah Lamb (Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet Covent Garden)
Romeo – Matthew Golding (Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet Covent Garden)
Tybalt – Gary Avis (Principal Character Artist of the Royal Ballet Covent Garden)
Musical Director and Conductor:  Teodor Currentzis
Artistic Director: Alexey Miroshnichenko
Conductor: Andrey Danilov
Ballet Master–Producer: Gary Harris (the UK)
Ballet Master–Producer: Karl Burnett (the UK/ France)
Set Designer: Mauro Carosi (Italy)
Associate Set Designer: Cinzia Lo Fazio (Italy)
Costume Designer: Odette Nicoletti (Italy)
Associate Costume Designer: Luigi Benedetti (Italy)
Costume Production Curator: Tatyana Noginova (Russia)
Lighting Designer: Sergey Martynov

The ballet is staged in collaboration with the Kenneth MacMillan Foundation in accordance with MacMillan’s style and technique