international ballet stars

in frames of the XIV international ballet festival DANCE OPEN
April 27, 2015. Alexandrinsky theatre, 19.00


Despite the intensity of the programme for the XIV season, the epicenter of the festival has always been and always will be the DANCE OPEN Gala, an event that draws together all the very best and most interesting elements of the world ballet.

The annual "choreographic feast" took place on the steeped in legends stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre, our old partner and friend, who again became a hospitable home and additional source of inspiration for the participants of the stars Gala.

The place itself draws associations with classic literature… Despite our need for cutting budgets this year, we did our best to make the Gala 2015 an “encyclopedia” of contemporary ballet, in the first place, the encyclopedia of styles and schools. We shall specify the corner points of the spectrum: from the time-proven choreography by Bournonville and Petipa through the classics of the XX century to ultra-contemporary avant-garde and style with a self-explanatory name “free expression”, that was performed on stage by twin brothers from Argentina.

Creed of the Gala stayed the same – to introduce the audience to the quintessence of our favorite genre, performed only by “stars”. Those, who are already beloved by the audience in the previous seasons, took the stage. Among them – last year’s winner of the People’s choice award, Yoel Carreno, enchanting Daniil Simkin and daintily elegant duet from Great Britain, Melissa Hamilton and Eric Underwood.

As it always has been, there was a fair amount of breakthroughs. It was the first time in St. Petersburg for the charming Sarah Lamb, Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet Covent Garden, for Vadim Muntagirov, who stormed on the wings of the wind to the Ballet Olympus, Isabella Boylston, sparkling American dancer, and Osiel Gouneo, named “Cuban sensation” by critics who proved the rightfullness of these words to our audience, J'aime Crandall, who "dances with her heart" and amazingly talanted Alban Lendorf who represent The Royal Danish Ballet… Soloists from the San Francisco Ballet Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada, historically first company of US, performed at the Gala for the first time.

On the occasion, we would like to thank all the dancers, who considered it a great honor to perform for sophisticated St. Petersburg audience, sacrificing more profitable and convenient offers for it.

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