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Sarah Reynolds


Dance Open: 20127


When Sarah was 5, she joined the Dublin Ballet School, famous for its wonderful tutors and the high level of teaching. Upon the graduation from it at the age of 15 she entered Dorothy Stevens School of Dance and later the Central School of Ballet in London.

After one year with Opéra Théâtre de Metz (France) and two years with Saarlandisches Staatstheater (Germany) she decides to move on further and gets through an enormous competition to enter NDT 2.

In this legendary “breeding ground” of the world choreography Sarah worked so hard that once she turned 23 and her internship at NDT 2 was over, she was invited to enter NDT 1, the main ballet company of the theatre. According to Reynolds, in this moment she realized what it means when the dream comes true.

Performing at NDT 1, the most prominent modern ballet company of the world, is a very hard work that requires an absolute dedication and constant overcoming of oneself. Nevertheless, for more than 10 years Sarah Reynolds has been one of the brightest stars in this outstanding ballet company.