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Sebastian Kloborg

Freelance dancer, choreographer

Dance Open: 2017


Graduated from the Royal Danish Ballet School in 2003 and joined the Royal Danish Ballet that same year. Thanks to his acting skills and outstanding technique Sebastian can dance solo parties in almost all the productions both in his theatre and all over the world.

In 2012 he joined Gauthier Dance where he ventured into different type of works. He has been equally successful in neoclassical and modern ballet proving his status as universal dancer.

He staged Ways to Go (2013) for Gauthier Dance, Strangers (2015), Betty Be Black (2016), 1970 now (2016) for the Royal Danish Ballet and Limberly (2016) for the German National Youth Ballet.

Recently Sebastian ventured a new step in his career: now he prefers to work as a freelance dancer and tries himself as a choreographer.