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A Czech citizen, born in Lubin, Poland. Together with his twin brother Otto has graduated from the Prague Dance Conservatory, since 1993 danced with Hamburg Ballet, where he was promoted to the Principal Dancer in 1997.He danced all leading roles in every production by John Neumeier. And the role of Vaclav Nijinsky in Nijinsky was created by John Neumeier specially for the dancer. In 2006 joined the Semperoper Ballet in Dresden. Also worked with Paris Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet, Zurich Ballet, Vienna State Ballet, the Chinese National Ballet and other theaters. Successfully works as a choreographer. Together with his brother created the company «Les Ballets Bubeníček», that presents all over the world ballet shows with participation of the stars of different European companies.

DANCE OPEN 2012, 2013, 2014