Master classes

Master classes will be held on
April 24 – 30, 2019

In the spring of 1738 “foreign footsteps” were firstly introduced to boys and girls living in Saint-Petersburg, the capital of Russian Empire. These footsteps were based on ballroom dancing technique that was particularly popular in the European countries of 18th century. But despite the strong European influence, contemporaries drew their attention to the national character that began to appear in the first movements of Russian dancers. Even today people admire this unique mix of the French Beaux-Arts tradition and the original Russian style characterized by softness and melodiousness of performance manner. After the space of three centuries Saint-Petersburg is still a place where children do their ballet barre exercises every morning and this fine tradition allows us to preserve the mastery of Russian ballet art.

Today we live in a highly globalized world where frontiers between countries disappear every day, and these transformations affect almost every aspect of our life. And the ballet art is not an exception. On the one hand, this modern world offers us many opportunities such as exchange of ideas, information and technologies. But from the other hand, this process leads to depersonalization and depreciation of unique cultural traditions, identities and values. And in these conditions, the most important challenge of all ballet schools worldwide is to preserve their individual character and originality. Then the ballet art will continue to amaze us with its wealth and diversity.

For this reason, DANCE OPEN workshops are designed to preserve and transmit Russian ballet values across the world. These workshops – it’s a unique opportunity to visit Saint-Petersburg, motherland of Russian ballet art, to come a long road to victory, full of exhausting trainings and challenges...

In the world of ballet art, you need eight years to reach a certain skill level. But the problem is that today children and their parents want immediate result: it becomes normal in the world of computer technologies where you press the button and get the result that you want. In ballet – it’s not like this! First of all, ballet classes involve learning of ballet alphabet that is necessary for providing a principled framework for future development of a dancer. It’s a long and boring process without which it’s impossible to perform truly inspiring dance. Master and apprentice should work together on the “calligraphy” of each dance movement – the volume of work is very impressive.

So five days of workshops is not a solution for people with the result oriented mind – these workshops don’t offer short-term results. The main purpose of these workshops is to make participants experience a real shift in thinking that will help them to become more professional and successful during next eight years.

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