Gala ballet legends of st. petersburg
tribute to the centenary of natalia dudinskaya

in frames of the XI DANCE OPEN International Ballet Festival
in coperation with the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet
April 15, 2012, Opera and Ballet Theatre of St. Petersburg State Conservatory named after N.A. Rimsku-Korsakov


All ballet history books have Dudinskaya's name in them. Her Pointe technique is still considered as a top class. Her name gives a performance a full house. Not every contemporary ballet star is ready to dance her repertoire, which define the whole period of soviet ballet history.

Rossiya K, News of Culture


The Gala Ballet Legends of St. Petersburg, tribute to the Centenary of Natalia Dudinskaya will decorate the program of the XI DANCE OPEN Festival. This concert cintinues a series of anniversary Galas in frames of DANCE OPEN's project Ballet Legends of St. Petersburg which aims to revive the history of Russian ballet. The main goal of this Gala is to preserve and promotion of the cultural heritage of our country.

Leading world ballet soloists participated in the Gala – successors of the Great Balletmaster. The program included Dudinskaya's favourite pieces and parts from Russian and Soviet repertoire. 


Natalia Mikhailovna dudinskaya


During thirty three years Dudinskaya was giving brilliant performances at the stage of Kirov Ballet. More than fifty years, she was teaching at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. More than 10 years, she was giving classes of advanced ballet studies at the Kirov Ballet, as well as more than 15 years she was working as a ballet mistress. Generations of Dudinskaya’s students dance on the best ballet stages all over the world, glorifying traditions of Russian Ballet.

She is concidered the greatest heroic ballerina, who reached virtuosity in classical dance.

Dudinskaya was born on August, 21, 1912 in Kharkov. In 1931 she graduated from the Leningrad State Choreographic Institute, class of Agrippina Vaganova. Apon graduation joined the Kirov Ballet. Among her best roles - Raymonda and bird-girl from Shurale.

Favourite student of Agrippina Vaganova, Dudinskaya adopted her renown method of teaching classical dance. Among her students there are world ballet stars: Valentina Gannibalova, Eva Evdokimova, Elena Alkonova, Alla Sigalova, Galina Rakhmanova, Margarita Kullik, Ulyana Lopatkina. Founders of the DANCE OPEN Festival Ekaterina Galanova and Vasily Medvedev also were among her students.