Bad Boys of Dance

within the 11th International Ballet Festival DANCE OPEN,
April 14th, 2012


American “Bad Boys of Dance” are well-known all over the world with their solo performances and with their cooperation with Lady Gaga and Sting. DANCE OPEN as usual found a highlight for the Festival. Extraordinary approach towards choice of the artists for the Festival and opening of new stars become a real brand for this international celebration of dance.


In their repertoire there is an unbelievable tap dance and modern dance technique, but their real secret is a classical ballet school and classical background of all these non-classical dancers.

Classical ballet has always been a base of our dance and a “language”, a “vocabulary”, which dance will always use to speak. But it is so important to know how to use its “words” to create something new in the “language” of ballet. We take “choreographic language” of jazz, break, hip-hop and create a new “word” so that it would be interesting and entertaining!

Rasta Thomas, Interview for the newspaper Vzglyad


Bad Boys of Dance (BBD) – a dance company which consists of talented and universal young dancers. The company was founded by Rasta Thomas, who used to dance classical ballet and turned to other dance forms.

In 2007 BBD's debut performance was at the 75th annual dance festival, Jacob's Pillow (USA). From that moment they became very successful and give over 150 shows a year. They have already performed for more than 500 000 fans all over the world.

BBD's mission is to push the boundaries of male dancing and deliver the most exciting dance shows in the world. Diversity of their incredible dance abilities connects with virtuosity, high technique and acrobatic elements.

The Bad Boys are a hit with every crowd, whether you see them dancing on catwalks at NYC’s fashion week, appearing on the famous Swiss TV show «Benissimo», performing at the Carnegie Hall or at the opening ceremony of the American Ballet Competition (2010). BBD performers have appeared on Broadway and starred in films. They gained thousands of fans featuring on the TV shows So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars.

In 2010 BBD performed for a rainforest charity concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York with Sir Elton John. In 2011 DANCE OPEN invited BBD to Russia and they performed a piece at the DANCE OPEN Gala. In 2012 they gave a full show in Russia which was completely sold out.