Jose Antonio



April, 8, 2018, 19:00

Premiere in Russia

Alexandrinsky Theatre


Passion, blood, pain and — a flash of a violent love… This is flamenco. Sharp staccato of heels, a rose in white teeth, shawls flying like wings and — a beat of a fiery heart… This is flamenco. Splashing strong arms, imposingly straight spines, precision of a blade and — a fluid body of a snake… This is — flamenco!

They say, flamenco is a symbol of Spain — but yet, it is much more: it is the spirit, the very soul of Andalusia. Its passion, its energy, its overwhelming striving for freedom. It addresses straight to the sky — like the fires of inquisition, like the spires of gothic cathedrals. And in the same time nothing is more terrestrial than this dance of earthy passion.

Rhythm, voice, movement, guitar are just welded, without a gap. Like breath and glance. As natural as a gasp. This dance has no chance to be repeated: each time it is unique. Like silhouettes of waves in a stormy sea. Like shades of clouds in a thunder.

«Dance is not only steps. Dance — is what happens between the steps. It’s like a bullfight», — Antonio Gades, great flamenco dancer, said. Garcia Lorka called that strange, insane and magical power — ancient duende — «tart, passionate and lane». This is a black imp of inspiration arising from the call of blood and breaking free through the singer’s voice, through the dancer’s body that becomes a torch and a blade. It burns away and sublimates. This dance is purifying like a death. This tornado is immemorial like Creation of the World. This is -Flamenco…

In its XVII th season Dance Open festival presents the vibrant production Invocacciones by great flamenco artists — Jose Antonio Ruiz and his company.






Choreography: José Antonio, Fernando Romero
Director, idea and scenic concept: José Antonio
Rehearsal assistants: Mercedes Burgos, Francis Nuñez
Light design and realization: Ada Bonadei (Vancram)
Sound design: Angel Olalla
Сostumes designers: Sonia Grande, Pedro Moreno, Rosa Garcia Andujar
(costumes from Ballet Nacional de España)
Production assistant: Primitivo Daza
Excecutive producer: Vito Montaruli
Production: Pasion Turca

Singers: Miguel Ortega, José Angel Carmona
Guitarrists: Diego Losada, Enrique Bermudez
Percusion: Nacho Lopez

World Premiere: April 8, 2018, Alexandrinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes