Ballet in 2 acts

APRIL 13, 2018, 19:00

Choreography by Jeroen Verbruggen

Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Premiere in Russia

Alexandrinsky Theatre



From dance to costumes and decoration, this Nutcracker happily translates the synthese of Tchaïkovski's choreografical aestetics.

Le Courrier

A wind of madness crosses the plateau and this fantastic climate reminds some plays by Mark Morris, or the Tim Burton universe.

Ballet 2000


«The Nutcracker» is a winter fairy tale. «The Nutcracker» is a tale for kids. What does it have to do with the aesthetics of Dance Open festival and why has it to appear in St. Petersburg in April?

Well, the thing is that «The Nutcracker» is an eternal fairy tale. And, like all timeless subjects, it attracts many interpreters willing to fascinate the audience, to make it exclaim in astonishment. And this time the 'wow' is ensured by the enchanting magician of the choreographic world Jeroen Verbruggen, whose unlimited, brilliant, explosive imagination is able to generate genuine spectacles. He’s generous in everything — in luxury of textures and styles, triumphant joy, lyrical tenderness and fascinating mysticism. It’s impossible to stay untouched by his creativity, not to get charmed by such familiar yet surprisingly reinvented story.

This «Nutcracker» is a world of endless reflections, fairly immersion and unbelievable transformations. A world of countless doors, enigmatic gray animals and fragile baroque lanterns. Marius Petipa, whose 200 anniversary happens to be in 2018, would be proud of his successor who’s a real ballet master and a true storyteller like Drosselme… oh, we meant to say Verbruggen…