World ballet stars


April 24, 2017, 19:00

Alexandrinsky Theatre




Every epoch has its heroes. Those who are destined to catch a very distinctive spirit of it from the air and bring it to life in words, music and dance, and finally convey to future generations an indescribable portrait of an epoch that is readable at some intuitive level and that strikes with its accuracy to detail and signals. It is this skill to induce a feeling of the reality, sincerity and authenticity of life that hides behind it that incredible magic that we are used to call the creative insight.

But here lies an eternal paradox. The great things are easy to see at a distance and the true scale of a master and his works, as a rule, gets appreciated post factum, in retrospective, when the creative peak is already behind and there comes the time to turn to his legacy. We aim quite ambitiously to get ahead of the time and catch the tail of the rising star and represent it to the audience in the very high of a career.

The Dance Open Star Gala is a single mosaic made up from the puzzles of various stylistics, both classical and modern with an explicit or, in the contrary, inexplicit national colours. Their authors were bred in various choreography and cultural traditions. The participants of the gala are united by their compliance with the main selection criteria − they are simply the best in the modern ballet and they represent what we will be talking and writing about tomorrow.

Those who will come to the Star Gala will get a rare opportunity to see the representation of our time in the light of the soffits, to see it in order to feel the beat of life in all its fullness.


Duration: 2 hours with one intermission