The Zurich company is pleasing, able, harmonious 

The New York Times

The company is a feast for the eyes


Dance Open 2019:
Winterreise choreography by Christian Spuck

Ballett Zürich

The Ballett Zürich has succeeded to become one of the most remarkable Swiss dance companies and to gain an international popularity due to the smart policy of the Swiss choreographer Heinz Spoerli who had been heading the company since 1996 up to 2012.

Since 2013 the Ballett Zürich is guided by a German choreographer Christian Spuck. From his first days in the company, Spuk formulated his main goal as to attract the young audience. Step by step, his efforts started to bear fruit, and the ballet was no longer perceived as an “old-fashioned entertainment for wealthy people”. Today the young spectators visit the company more and more often: it’s very important for them to have a choice between classic productions and contemporary performances. A special pricing and different educational activities in collaboration with schools and institutions also help to build the young audience.

Under the direction of Christian Spuck the company continues to tread new artistic paths by cultivating innovative choreographic techniques. Pieces by renowned choreographers as William Forsythe, Paul Lightfoot & Sol León, Douglas Lee, Martin Schläpfer, Jiří Kylián, Wayne McGregor, Marco Goecke, Ohad Naharin and Mats ensure that the company’s repertoire remains stylistically varied and interesting.

The Zürich company is especially famous for its balanced combination of classical traditions and abstract language of contemporary dance. Also the company is famous for the technical and professional skills of dancers, their amazing abilities to work in different dancing styles and to meet the requirements of the most demanding star choreographers. The company includes more than fifty ballet dancers: many of them are the representatives of the Russian ballet school.

The Ballett Zürich performs its shows on the world's leading stages, participates in different international festivals and the biggest events of the dance world.