World premiere:
January 27, 2019
Vienna Volksoper

Choreography: Pierre Lacotte
Music: Léo Delibes

Alexandrinsky Theatre

April 24 & 25, 2019

Everyone who tried to write about Coppélia, couldn't agree more with words by George Balanchine, who named this brilliant work by Léo Delibes the ballet’s greatest comedy.

The smile keeps on lips while watching this ballet, full of humor, comic scenes and charismatic characters. It makes you plunge into world of confusion and charming chaos where a lovely girl proves that no ideal image can be compared with an alive and passionate woman, even with all her imperfections.

A timeless classic coming from the golden age of ballet, nowadays Coppelia is frequently performed on the world's leading stages. Tchaikovsky declared this music to be charming, delicate and melodically rich — all these czardas, mazurkas, waltzes… And Pierre Lacotte, unofficially crowned as «the best ballet reconstructor of the world», has restored the ballet, as close as possible to the text of its first choreographer, the greatest ballet wizard and magician of all times — Arthur Saint-Léon.

Since 1973, this window to the charming 19th century was opened only in Paris Opera, but in January 2019 it will be widely spread in Vienna thanks to the Wiener StaatsBallett and its artistic leader Manuel Legris. And in a few short weeks, in April 2019, this ballet miracle will be presented to the audience of the Dance Open festival.

By the Coppelia the festival carries on tradition to present in St. Petersburg legendary ballets of the past. In 2016 Romeo and Juliet by Sir Kenneth Macmillan reconstructed by the Perm Ballet opened this festival line. Last year it was maintained by Sergei Vikharev’s revival of Marius Petipa’s La Fille Mal Gardée for the Ekaterinburg Ballet. And in upcoming 2019 the audience will have a unique opportunity to enjoy Coppélia almost the same as it was created by Saint-Léon and met with applause at the court of Napoleon III.

Just as Giselle is ballet's great tragedy, so Coppélia is its great comedy.

George Balanchine

This ballet is a great example of classic repertoire’s finesse. It brings to the stage a magnificent world of happy peasants in a village. You will plunge into a brilliant and melodious universe. A taste of childhood which admires you in a dancing fairytale, mysterious, where the deception and mischief keep the interest of spectator.

Lausanne Cités

The chance to experience ballet’s breadth, depth, wit and scale in a parade of musically deft dances and pitch-perfect comedy.

Mercury news

Indulgent, traditional and pastel-hued, it’s the ballet equivalent of a Laduree macacron. But buoyant and bucolic as it is, it remains just knowing enough to avoid feeling saccharine.

The Stage