World ballet stars


Alexandrinsky Theatre

29 April 2019

Dance Open Gala allows to go beyond the time and space limits, to be impressed with the most memorable experiences of the ballet history and the most radical futuristic experiments

Time is running out for the preparation of Dance Open Gala, and the organization committee more and more often communicates wits artists, agencies and theaters. It's heartening to see that the folder with signed contracts becomes bigger and bigger. And we look forward to embrace our old friends and meet the new ones.

But we don’t want to name our participants, as always. It will be again a surprise, an intrigue, again a pig in a poke…but if you look attentively at the affiche of this season - then maybe this season is not simple, maybe it’s Cheshire??? We keep our fingers crossed and hope that everything will go perfectly. A lot of surprises were planned.

Actually, Dance Open Gala – it’s a real disaster. This day the ballet life of all cities is calming, except St. Petersburg: world’s best theatres invite second ballet companies for their productions, genius choreographers rehearse with corps-de-ballet, and producers don’t plan any events for these days. This is because the main event of the year is taking place right here – in St. Petersburg, at the Alexandrinsky theatre, on the culmination day of the International Ballet Festival Dance Open. We are waiting for you!