One-act ballets

Alexandrinsky theatre

April 27, 2019

Dutch company Introdans offers an amazing programme of dance works from their award winning repertoire. Considered one of Europe’s leading touring companies, Introdans works in a neo-classical ballet idiom that will definitely delight both ballet and contemporary dance lovers alike. With their programme Introdans presents a captivating mix of repertoire of the Dutch masters Hans van Manen and Nils Christe together with the energetic work of Spanish choreographer Cayetano Soto.


Choreography: Nils Christe
Music: Arvo Pärt

…wave upon wave of dancers surge onto the stage to overwhelm us with fierce outbursts of movement.

Dance Europe on CANTUS

In CANTUS the Dutch choreographer Nils Christe follows his fundamental rule: the dance always begins with the music. For him, the music piece of the most famous modern composer Arvo Pärt became a starting point for developing the choreography of the one-act ballet. The greatest achievement of Christe is that he succeeds to make invisible musical sound visible in dancer’s movements. But at the same time Christe not only illustrates the music — he transfers its destructive emotional power.

The ballet is performed by a large group of dancers, they all have possibility to dance on the stage – in solo or duets. Thus, the ballet of Nils Christe takes the best of each dancer, helps them to unlock their creative individuality. All dancers, without exception, have an excellent technique; they strike spectators with their light jumps and supports, perfect turns, plasticity and musicality. Fast tempos, synchronicity of crowd scenes, wave-shaped movements, typical for Christe’s choreography, impress and energize the audience.

World Premiere: 19 September 2015, Arnhem
Duration: 30 minutes


Premiere in St.Petersburg
Choreography: Hans van Manen
Music: Henryk Mikolaj Górecki

«The master’s signature is clearly visible in Hans van Manen’s rousing Polish Pieces»…

Het Parool

Undoubtedly, “Polish Pieces” is one of the most outstanding and brilliant works by Hans van Manen. This rich ensemble choreography, performed to the vibrant music of modern Polish composer Henryk Mikolaj, creates fresh dance combinations showing the exciting game of lines.

Twelve dancers in colorful costumes run into one another on the stage, they create incredible kaleidoscope of images, feelings and shapes contrasting with initially given rest points that start development of new themes. The two sensual and lyric pas de deux are particularly remarkable in this ballet; it looks like the calm before the storm.

Men in yellow and orange, women in blue and purple are like shades of day and night, like contrasts between the summer and winter – they are faced with each other, like weather fronts - they radiate powerful energy on the grey background covered with dark figures.

World Premiere: 23 February 1995, Nederlands Dans Theater, The Hague
Duration: 21 minutes


Premiere in Russia
Choreography: Cayetano Soto
Music: Rina Ketty, Michel Legrand, Xavier Cugat, Jack Costanzo,
Monna Bell, Toña la Negra, Pérez Prado, Barney Kessel, Los Panchos

He juggles with the typical Spanish sense of camp and drama, with an ironic wink and Latin passion.


Cayetano Soto’s choreography is ingenious and impetuous, it is radiating dance enjoyment and with every pass it is falling to sparks of admiration. Physically tangible pressure, rave of colors and grotesque images sometimes refer us to the times of Weimar Republic cabaret. Acrobatic elements, unisex costumes and stylish riding helmets bring notes of competitiveness, demonstration of certainty and commitment into this performance.The American newspapers called Conrazoncorazon one of the most outstanding events of the famous Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.

World Premiere: 3 November 2016, Ballet BC, Vancouver
Duration: 24 minutes