Artem Vassiliev


The versatile Russian has already proved himself one of the most exiting and innovative composers around

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Artem Vassiliev is a maestro of orchestra music and a wonderful melodist. Attention to detail is an important skill of a high class professional


Artem Vassiliev is a member of the Russian Association of Electroacoustic Music, the Union of Composers of Russia, the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation. He graduated with distinction from the Gnessin Musical College and the Moscow Conservatory. He received grants of the Royal Music Academy of London and Vladimir Potanin’s Foundation.

Today Vassiliev’s name is very well-known in the theatre and cinema industries around the world, he is the author of the music for such films as The Killer Inside Me by Michael Winterbottom , The End of a Great Era by Stanislav Govorukhin and The Flight Crew by Nikolai Lebedev. Among his theatre works are the score for the ballets The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde and The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett made on the commission of the London Children’s Ballet Company and highly acclaimed by the critics.

The Snow Queen that will be premiered in the Dance Open’s 16th Season is an exceptional production as this is the ballet for children, which is a rarity in itself, that was created in the close cooperation between the composer and choreographer on the commission of the Russian academic theatre. It might remind us about the joint work between Sergey Prokofiev and Leonid Lavrovsky on The Romeo and Juliet when in the everyday rocky collaboration of the two great talents one of the masterpieces of the ballet repertoire of the 20th century was born. We hope that a no less brilliant destiny will await for The Snow Queen by Vassiliev and Samodurov.

Children are the most sincere listeners and spectators. They are straightforward and any hypocrisy is obvious to them in which case they lose their interest and the music stops to work. Therefore I take particular responsibility when it comes to films or ballets for children or music for children in general.

It may happen that you get music to your head after you hear something on the street or after you read some literature works. Any little thing could motivate me to create of a piece of music.